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IBJJF No-Gi Pan Championship

This weekend Team Mohler came together and competed at the IBJJF No-Gi Pan Championship and truly, the only word I can use to describe it is “WOW”! In the entire 30 years of Team Mohler’s existence I have truly never been prouder. This tournament was no joke, the best from around the world were in attendance. But, no matter, Team Mohler came home with 4th place in Masters & 5th place in Juvenile! Not to mention we were just 5 points away from claiming that 3rd place spot! We also set a record for our attendance by carrying 53 Team Mohler students to the mats. My appreciation and gratefulness for those who showed up and gave it their all this weekend is unmatched. I can see the future of Team Mohler and it is bright.

To the competitors - thank you. Thank you for believing in the brand and always making me proud. Jiu-Jitsu is my true passion in life and to see others take this sport as seriously as I do really means the world to me. You guys worked hard, trained harder, showed up appropriately and showed everyone what Team Mohler is truly about. I am obviously beyond thrilled for everyone who melded this weekend, but I am just as equally impressed by those who did not. Like life, Jiu-Jitsu is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, courage, & strength. Not just on the mat, but off it as well. Sometimes you’re the hammer, and sometimes you’re the nail. How one presents him or herself while being either of those speaks a lot on that individual's character. This weekend showed me that Team Mohler is capable of respect to the sport no matter the outcome of a match. This team holds champions, medalist, and honorable people. I am beyond proud.

To the coaches - thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to drive from both out of town and out of state to show up and represent Team Mohler. Not only do some of yall fall in the category of coach, but also competitors. I truly can not describe how impressed I am with the dedication and passion each one of you show for not only the sport of jiu-jitsu but also for Team Mohler. No matter where you are located, to be a part of Team Mohler is to be a part of a giant family. We help each other out no matter the circumstance. I witnessed several people cheering out loud on the sidelines for students they had never even met before. The only thing they knew about one another is that we came from the same family and that’s all they needed. That was truly an extraordinary thing to watch. Thank you. Shout out to All-American MMA and BJJ , James White Fitness , Amped MMA, & FX MMA for showing up with students & helping show the BJJ community what Team Mohler is all about!

No Gi Pans 2023 - Day 1 (Friday)

Jackson Holdsworth

Blake Smith

Jordan Riddle

Joshua Hahm

Levi Cobler

Austin Kolada

Jacob Portillo

Isaac Fox

Gabriel Vazquez

Joshua Elmore

Jerhett Lee - GOLD

Emma Skinner

Kallee Cumbie

Noah Bjorksten

Kade Lawson

Austin Henry

John Thompson - SILVER


James Schafer - SILVER

Donny King - SILVER

No Gi Pans 2023 - Day 2 (Saturday)

Thomas Gentile

Camron Couch - BRONZE

James Wilson

Rocky Budri - SILVER

JJ Holmes - BRONZE

Brayden Garrett - SILVER / SILVER IN OPEN

Jaxon Vargas - GOLD / SILVER IN OPEN

Travis Larson - SILVER

Hope Russell - BRONZE

Jamal Parks - GOLD / GOLD IN OPEN

Ashley Medders - BRONZE / BRONZE IN OPEN

Levi Jutila

Huey Wong

David Janes

Joshua Borden - SILVER

Rey Quintero

Jose Parrott

Anthony Garrett

Flo Temengil - GOLD / SILVER IN OPEN

Eric Buescher Bronze

Samantha White - SILVER / GOLD IN OPEN

Fadi Chrakie - GOLD

Steven Hernandez

No Gi Pans 2023 - Day 3 (Sunday)

Ramiro Flores


Vincent Chankouin

John Bjorksten - SILVER

Chase Lake

Stanley Sartain - GOLD

Mathew Luppardus - GOLD / GOLD IN OPEN

Brian Posey - BRONZE

Josh Eccleston - SILVER


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