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2017 IBJJF Kids PANS- February 19, 2017- ALL AMERICAN MMA Kids Competition Team

Our Competition Team is getting ready to head out to California for the 2017 IBJJF Kids PANS Tournament held at the Walter Pyramind in Long Beach, CA once a year.

The journey will be lead by our Coach Rocky Budri!

Best of luck to all of our kids and their families venturing out on this journey some for a second time!


GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Male / Light

Angel Patino

GREY / Junior 1 / Male / Rooster

Jackson Leigh Weeks

GREY / Teen 1 / Female / Middle

Hallie Nicole Daniel

YELLOW / Junior 1 / Male / Feather

Joshua Xavier Patino

YELLOW / Teen 2 / Male / Rooster

Jesus Adrian Salazar

GREEN, ORANGE / Teen 2 / Male / Light

Cristian Jacob Dominguez

GREEN, ORANGE / Teen 3 / Male / Light-Feather

Ameer Abu-anbar

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