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What a wonderful trip it has been

Despite some families experiencing travel issues and barely making it to compete with limited sleep, we were able still have a successful outcome . We all know competition at Pans is always tough, but this year was especially hard because all these competitors were anticipating to compete since most tournaments were cancelled because of the pandemic.

Under the coaching guidance of Professor Rocky Budri from All-American and Professor Allen Mohler from Mohlers, we are able to celebrate our competitors that made it to the podium.


Safia Mian - 2nd place

Angel Patino - 2nd place

Sufiyan Mian - 3rd place

Sadie Brown - 3rd place

Brayden Garrett - 3rd place

Mohler MMA:

Daxin Caudle - 1st place

Haven Caudle - 2nd place

Joe Bronson - 3rd place

Hope Russell - 3rd place

Coco Blackwell (Alliance) - 1st place

Let’s not forget to recognize and give praise to our other competitors that gave it their all on the mats; you all did great and we are very proud of you! We would also like to congratulate all our fellow DFW competitors that won. It is important to remember that even though these competitors are not part of our gym, they are still part of our jiu-jitsu community and their victories are also ours. Competitions as great as these give us the opportunity to reflect on our practices and techniques. It allows us to grow and become even better.


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