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All American MMA in Keller, TX hosted a great seminar for our Finnish Community!

All our coaches and students got together on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 at our school All American MMA in Keller, TX!

Led by our Muay Thai Coach Kimmo Korhonen native of Finland!

During this seminar all the coaches and students chipped to give a quick 101 crash course of all the martial arts taught at All American MMA in Keller, TX, best of all our school is a family friendly school so there was much to do for all ages and as a family as well!

Crash course included an introductions to Muay Thai, Brazilian

Jui- Jitsu, Boxing and of course some self defense and wrestling! Thank you to all that joined us and we hope to do this again soon!!

Thanks to all our team members and coaches for attending and helping us have a great turnout!

Thank you to everyone for attending and choosing our school to host this great seminar!

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