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All American MMA has a new female Amature WORLD CHAMPION for Xtreme Knockout Vol. 38!! XKO Amature W

Congrats to three of our MMA Fighters Cody, Valerie and Julius this past weekend, October 21st, 2017 in Dallas, TX for fighting at Xtreme Knockout Vol. 38!

Thank you to our one and only Boxing Coach Rafael for guiding these guys throughout this entire process!

Countless hours of work every single day! Thank you to all our coaches Rocky, Ivan, Travis, Kyle and our Muay Thai Coach Kimmo and anyone else that has contributed in any way to their success!

Hard work beats talent once again!!

Stay tuned for more exciting events to come!!

Valerie Soto is our XKO Amature Womens Straw Weight Champion!!!!

and then congrats to Julius for his win via triangle submission!!!!!

and then our Champ Cody put up a heck of a match! Congrats to him as well! Lost by decision on this one but he will come back stronger! Great job guys!!

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