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All American MMA goes to the 2018 US Muay Thai Open WEST Championships!! And many more accomplishmen

Our Coach Kimmo Korhonen led our fighters Jacqueline Sargent and Sargent to battle in Phoenix, AZ on April 27-29!

We are very proud of both as they put countless hours to train for this important Championship!

Both Jack and Sebastian won the Championship for their division! Thanks to all that came to support them in such an important moment!

Jacqueline Sargent is your 2018 Muay Thai Champion - Master Females C Class (40 years old+) 165.1-178.5 - Female - Master (40 years old+) - C Class

Sebastian Salazar is your 2018 Muay Thai West Champion- Junior Males C Class (15,16, &17 years old) 125.1-132.0 - Male - Junior (15-17 years old) - C Class

We would also like to congratulate:

Our Coach Rocky for taking first place at Dallas Open that same Weekend April 28-29!

Our Coach Travis Clark for his win and now Coach Travis is now the 2018 USA Grappling NoGi National Champion and World Team Member ! Congrats leading by example!

Our Competition Team last weekend at NAGA in North Richland Hills, TX!

Everyone kicked butt at NAGA!!

Results: Hope- Double Gold Zayn- Double Gold Aryan- Gold/Silver Samir- Double Silver Jackson- Gold/Silver Elijah- Gold/ Bronze Draven- Double Silver Angel- Silver/ Bronze Joshua- Gold /Bronze Julian- Bronze Tyler- Gold/Silver

Great job to all our All American Family!!

Four year anniversary this month of May 2018 and going strong!! Thank you!

Stay tuned for more All American News to come!!

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