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Recap of our 2018 year Accomplishments!

Our last belt promotion and 4 year anniversary of our gym was amazing!

Our All American MMA has grown in so many ways and we have all learned to LEARN from each other and thus teach all walk in doors. We are very happy to have a very tight family here at ALL AMERICAN, because it is no only the business name but we are what it states word for word!

Here are some highlights of our recent belt promotions! Huge ones to mention our Professor Ivan Bozovic, received his first degree as a Black Belt from our Coach Mohler. Our Muay Thai Coach Kimmo Korhonen was awared his Black Belt after many years in this sport not to mention all the students that received a belt promotion! Whether it was a stripe or a new Belt all are very important and very valuable moments!

Thank you Coach Mohler for assisting in our Belt Promotions this past August!

Congratulations are due to our Coach Travis for his many accomplishments this year!

Coach Travis Clark is now the F2W Pro 87 - Master Heavyweight Brown Belt NOGI Title holder!

Three World Titles, a World Silver and a World Bronze in GI and NoGI Competition

5-1 Veteran GI and NoGi UWW World Titles and Bronze for the Senior Division in Astana!

And last but not least a huge congratulations to again our Coach Travis in his win for the title match in the last F2WPro! Congratulations as well to Joshua Patino and our own Coach Rocky Budri on their wins as well! Then night ended in 3-0 for All American MMA and 5-0 for our Mohler Family and our team toghether!

Coach Rocky won F2WPro 87 via unanimous decision!

Joshua Patino won F2W Pro87 via triangle armbar submission!

Stay tuned as the future is looking very bright for us here at All American MMA!

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