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Womens Self Defense Seminar -February 11, 2017 at ALL AMERICAN MMA

Womens Self Defense Seminar open to the public was held on Saturday, February 11th, 2017. It was a great turnout and a great success!

We had a good response from women and girls/teens in attendance, not only from the community of Keller, but some that drove a distance from surrounding towns.

Coach Kimmo, Coach Rocky and Coach Ivan who is also a police officer, taught more than 5 techniques along with a full open session of discussion with all in attendance, of different situations that one could be encountered with when refering to self defense and how we can be proactive and try to minimize exposing ourselves in such situations. Lastly ended the seminar with a positve note ...that of all things taught in class that day, if you could at least remember one of them.. that is the one thing.. is what just might save your life if needed!

We will most definitely have another self defense seminar soon! We will keep you guys updated as soon as we know of a new date!

Thank you to all that attended! Stay Safe!

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