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Texas Grappling Challange held in Austin, TX- April 8th, 2017! Congrats to our Competition Team repr

Congratulations to our competition team that competed this month on April 8th at the Texas Grappling Challange held in Austin, TX!

We are most proud of them!

Quick note, Sebastian scored a whooping 45- ZERO for his first match at Blue Belt Level! Great job Sebastian!!

The entire team confronted a very tough competition in Austin and they walked out with allot of hardware! Joshy, Jackson Sebastian all scored their first place for Gold in all their divisions. As well as Angel, Sebastian and Mason, scored Bronze and Second places in other divisions as well!

Let's make a note of recognition, that Joshy compted all day Saturday morning at the tournament, onlyt to then be present for his super fight that same night! That is heart! Good job Joshy!!!

Congratulations to all of them!!!

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