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BATTLE 4 THE AGES #9 - May 20-21, 2017 held in Dallas, TX! All American MMA brings home two New Cha

This past weekend May 20-21, 2017, we had our entire competition team battling it out for a chance of a Championship win at Battle 4 Ages with the top kiddos representing 34 states!!!

All our kids did great and we want to congratulate all of them!

Congratulations to all our competition team kids that stepped it up with the TOP kids !!

Hailey, Jackson, Angel, Showtime, CJ, Sebastian and Joshy!!!!


Outcome is we came back home with to new Battle for the Ages CHAMPIONS!

Joshua Patino winner for the 9 year old division in a big bracket full of all weights, all belt levels to finally be left with the best 9yr old of this battle.

Sebastian Salazar winner of the ligthweight division again, ages ranged from 14-16, all weights, all belt levels in a stacked bracket with top competitors and at the end Sebastian got the win for Championship! Sebastian also made to the final match for two more divisions but lost in both.

These were long divisions, long days and all performed phenomenally!

At the end of the day our two newly Bfa Champions decided to give their belts to their Coach Rocky Budri so he can display them at our gym All American MMA!!!

All American LOVE! Thank you to all for representing our school very well!!

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