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The first time in HISTORY kids Title Fight !! F2WPRO27- Pan Champions!!! "Ice Cole" Cole A

The first kids Title FIght in F2WPRO HISTORY!

Pan Champions Cole Abate vs Jesus Salazar#F2WPRO27 March 3rd Austin!

Get or get free ticket when doing 2 divisions at 2017 F2W Tx State Championships (BJJ and NOGI) Who Wins?

Please Share!#ShowCaseTheArt

Best of luck out OUR SHOWTIME!

PLEASE SUPPORT JESUS by sharing this post!

Please share if u support @jesussalazar #F2WPRO27 in Austin! Get or watch live on @flograppling #imwithShowtime #imwithjesus #allamericanmma

Rocky Budri, JJ Holmes, Ivan Bozovic, Kimmo Korhonen #ALLAMERICANMMA

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